A Chocolate Paradise


Introducing to the Pastry Market Family, Handmade Pure Belgian Chocolates.

 Using only the highest quality chocolate straight from Belgium and adding only pure natural ingredients we are able to bring you a little piece of heaven. The smooth texture and rich flavours will leave you feeling like royalty. Your friends will be envious as to where you got these devine morsels. 

We invite you to let out your inner chocolate lover and indulge in these chocolate bars that set a standard for all other chocolates.


Flavours range from a classic Sea Salt to a rich Toasted Hazelnut, and there is sure to be something for everyone. 

A Full list a flavours include: Mint, Orange, Sea Salt, Toasted Almond, Toasted Hazelnut and Coconut. We would be pleased to take any requests for favourite flavours you may be dreaming about. Seasonal inspirations will also be added to our list of flavours as they approach.


We also have a line of moulded chocolates. The list of flavours and colour possibilities is endless with these small yet perfect bite sized drops of creamy smooth treats. 


Nothing says the Holidays like a good quality piece of Chocolate to enjoy by the fire or with a glass of wine. Our goal is to bring you back to your inner child and let the idea of chocolate send you jumping for joy!