Christmas 2016 Hours


St. Catharines Hours
       Vineland Hours      
Christmas Eve: 8-3pm                 
Christmas Eve: 8-2pm      
December 25-27th: CLOSED
December 25-28th - CLOSED 
December 28th: 9-6pm
December 29th & 30th: 9-5pm   
December 29th: 8-6pm
New Years Eve: 9-3pm
December 30th: 8-6pm
January 1-3rd: CLOSED
New Years Eve: 8-4pm

January 1-2nd: CLOSED

 January 3rd: 9-6pm

Bereavement Consultations over the Holidays

Each store has designers dedicated for bereavement during the holiday season. We can be contacted through the phone numbers listed below. Please note: these phone numbers are for bereavement inquiries ONLY and all other inquiries will be answered during regular store hours. 

St. Catharines: 905.328.5610

Vineland: 905.329.5400