Christmas Time


It seems too early to be thinking about Christmas but lets face it, the Christmas season is just around the corner and is arriving at a good pace.  The malls are already gearing up in anticipation for the hustle and bustle that this season brings. 

At our place of work Christmas decorating and countless urns are being made.  On that note do not delay and this year get a jump on the festivities and with a little planning, come up with a new decorating idea. Check to see if you have vases lying around or maybe a fancy dish is hidden away collecting dust.  It may be a newer one given to you by your children in recent years or you may have a heirloom bowl that hasn’t seen the light of day for many a decade. Hunt around and see what you can find.  I think you may be surprised.

Now that you have found a pretty clear vase or bowl,the next stop is to check through your Christmas ornaments.  A Christmas tradition at my home has been to buy a new Christmas ornament every year to hang on the Christmas tree.  Not only do we buy a special ornament but how often do we receive wonderful Christmas ornaments from family or friends.  Over a few short Christmas’s it’s unbelievable the collection we may have accumulated. Many have been tucked away because we don’t know what to do with them.  Instead of throwing them out lets sort and organize.  Maybe we have a lot of extra Christmas balls. Organize them by different sizes or colours or set together all the frosted or shiny ones. Try to picture how they may look in that special vase. Do you want the same coloured balls together or a beautiful arrangement of different colours? Many of us have ornaments that have been given to us and bring back recollections of wonderful days gone by.  I have many with all too many memories and can’t bear to pitch them.  Hallmark and Carelton are companies who cater to dated ornaments.  A brass house key ornament dated with the year of a first house purchase, an Australian Koala Bear ornament from a late Aunt, a dated pregnant kangaroo signifying a Christmas pregnancy or a Precious Moment ornament signifying a child’s first Christmas.  The list can be endless with newer ornaments for the Christmas tree having replaced them. Sort through, organize and start filling one of your pretty vases or candy bowls – a pretty pedestal candy bowl with all the same colour but different sized balls piled like a pyramid and held together with a speck of glue. A clear vase filled and displaying other various tree ornaments can be a stunning Christmas arrangement. Christmas tree ornaments can be arranged and displayed in so many ways and at the same time bring back fond memories of days gone by.  A new Christmas arrangement and it didn’t cost you a penny, just a bit of time and fun!

Another idea is to pair these Christmas ornaments with pine cones.  Pine cones can be left natural or spray painted in red, green, gold, silver whatever your heart desires.  Mix it up, add ribbon, weave it through and let your creative juices flow.  You may have vine balls or other décor that may just add that special touch. Have fun and a very delightful Christmas.