Day 3!!!

  Wow not just one today but three!!! (should have waited a lit longer to post this)  Loving it!!

  Canada you are doing us proud! Opening day three medals...not too shabby, a Silver the next day and day three another Gold! Well, it's been a great weekend and now  back to my office to work. Thanks to the power of the internet I will not be missing a beat!  My son came from University for the weekend. It's always great to see him but during Olympic time it can cause a bit of dissension. After 4 Olympics he should really know the no talking rule but it's like he has to be totally retrained.  My husband on the other hand well that's another story, he does great with his Olympic sport of sleeping on the couch! A true winner he is.  My parents came over for a visit, believe me I love my 82 year old mom and dad but….. yes, life does stand still when the Olympics are on.  I do appreciate anyone coming over but please observe the rules of quietness and don't expect me to serve! In other words help yourself to whatever you please.

Five medals and counting! Let's Go Canada Go!