Floaters VS Sinkers

What types of flowers can be submerged and which ones can float? This is a question we have been asked many times, and hopefully we can help clarify.

First start with the floaters. These flowers can float on top of the water and are a bit easier to control and maintain. Do not worry about the length of the stem. Most of the time the stems are quite short and perhaps not there at all. Almost all flowers can float, the ones that make it easier are of course single bloom stems such as Gerbera’s, Peonies, Mums etc. Roses can be difficult to float as they can be top heavy and fall to their side. The wider the bloom the more balance it has and the easier it will stay upright. Another factor to consider is the weight of the bloom; flowers with thicker petals will absorb the water and start to sink. Keep to broad flowers with thin petals for best results. 


The sinkers are a bit trickier. Being submerged does shorten their life span as the petals can become transparent or even ‘soggy’ from absorbing the water. If you are having an event where you desire this look, it’s best to prepare the day of or the day before. Sinkers also have to be weighed down, as most will try to rise to the surface. Stones are used to anchor the stem, or a candle with cellophane on top will help keep them down. Also using a narrow vase gives them less room to move around. Flowers such as Dendrobian orchids which have blooms the whole length of their stem make for a nice show, as they will fill the entire vase with colour.


There are many combinations of ideas and flowers to work with. Let you imagination go wild!