Garden's Gifts

Its that time of year again, our gardens are spouting, the trees blossoming and flowers blooming. The sweet scents of nature is all around us, and why not bring some of that indoors?  Whether it’s a party your throwing, a guest room you’re filling or your inside on a rainy day, why not bring your garden with you?  Of course you wouldn’t want to make a mess of soil, or bring in a pocket of grass clippings....soooo we’ve got just the thing to ‘garden’ your indoors.

Planting perennials has many benefits, each a little different.  The best one of all is the ability to take clippings. Hostas, Hydrangeas, Queens Anne’s Lace, Lilacs, Roses and more are some of nature’s beauty begging to be combined and placed inside your home.  Many of us forget the simplicity of a few fresh cut flowers and the impact in can bring to someone’s day. Taking those few blooms off a Hydrangea bush will not take away from the beauty that remains, but combining it with four Hosta leaves and bringing it to a friend, can change someone’s entire day.

It could be a last minute get together, or perhaps a spontaneous pool party, whatever the occasion is there is no need to panic, just head to the garden follow your nose and let nature do its work. Keep in mind most garden bloomers are showcased the best when kept simple. Having 1-2 varieties of flowers and a few greens is all you need. No need to go running through grabbing one of everything you find, simply start with your primary flower add a few greens and if needed accent it will a smaller flower.  Another tip to ensue your on the right track, keep in mind the fragrance. Peony’s and Lilacs both pack a powerful punch of sweet aroma, it would be best to keep these separate to avoid competition of smell (the same reason we don’t use two perfumes in the morning!).  You always have the option to ‘Go Big or Go Home’ the sky is the limit when it comes to the size of your arrangement.  Don’t forget that too much of a good thing can be bad, and we don’t want a messy or cluttered look.  

Overall when it comes to bringing the Garden inside, you can’t go wrong.  A few simple snips and instantly you have a bedside piece that keeps you waking up smiling.

So tell me, what’s your favorite Garden Flower to arrange with?