Let the Games begin!

   Tonight I will be sitting in my Olympic pj's watching with great anticipation, the opening ceremonies at the Fisht Olympic Stadium.  This event captures the hearts of the world like none other. The excitement is so great in my household, that even my children know you cannot speak during the next two weeks when the Olympics are on! (this might be a blessing for them LOL) Watching the teams fill the stadium and knowing for a small moment the world is coming together in peace and in the joy of sports is heart-warming. It is at the Olympics, we come together as one nation and to showcase the entire world. It is the joy of being brought together through the world of sport.

  As my kids were growing up I had a great vision of my sons playing for Canada's hockey teams and my daughter being a team player on Canada's first Ringette team (o.k. that was farfetched, I’ve been known as a dreamer... as it's not even an Olympic sport).  But we soon realize that our kids don’t quite have the talent that is required to be an Olympian (but none the less we love them) so we have the joy of adopting someone else's child who is in Socchi and we stand behind them and cheer. As they stand proudly on the podium to accept their medal, head raised to the Canadian flag and anthem we shed a small tear of thanks and appreciation..  Yes. Call me crazy but I figure being crazy isn’t all that bad.  I don't know about you but all I have to say is light that cauldron and “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!"