Lift your spirts from the winter doldrums

This winter has been relentless with its continuous blast of frigid air and snow. When will it end? Woke up this morn only to look outside to see more fresh fallen snow. This season has been very long and dreary not to mention COLD!  I don't even want to think that we are only at the beginning of February. I have an idea of a little something that might give us a bit of cheer and help lift our spirits throughout these lengthy days . A ticket to the sunny south would be nice but unfortunately not all of us have the time or the funds.

We deserve a good dose of Spring cheer to chase away those wintery blues. Add colour and freshness to our homes with a beautiful floral bouquet  or potted plant. Some spring flowers tend to work better in some rooms over others. Here's a bit of a guideline on which flowers will decorate your special space.


An entrance way to your home is where a visitor will get the first impression of you and your home. This area should be welcoming and this can be achieved by placing a gorgeous pot of fragrant hyacinths. There's nothing more inviting than this sweetly scented flower. These wonderful gems remind me of my mom as she would line them on her windowsills. They bloom in purple, blue ,pink yellow and white making for a variety of colour choices to decorate any decor. The bulbs can be saved once the flower is gone. Let the leaves soak up the sun's energy and at summer's end store it for blooming next spring.


I have a light wood kitchen. I believe it's safe to say many people have this modern day look-light birch or white cupboards, white appliances and maybe a mix of stainless. Our kitchens are a perfect place to introduce a burst of bold colour . Ranunculus are gorgeous brilliantly coloured soft headed flowers with incredible colours. Small pots or vases of orange, yellow and red placed atop countertops and windowsills will give that fresh, bright, happy atmosphere needed to put a smile upon our face when the weather outside is dreary. As a plant they are a hardy variety and as well have a long vase life.

Dining Room-Orchid

The dining room is the place where no overpowering scented flowers should be placed. I like to think of placing an arrangement of a lower profile so you are able to make eye contact and conversation with your guests. A simple idea is a small footed bowl containing crocuses and moss, placed in the centre of the table makes for an attractive bright and cheery piece. A striking single orchid makes for an eclectic dining room table arrangement and this piece although taller is a super choice because it is not widespread and easy to see through.

Living Room-Hydrangeas

This is my favourite room to decorate. Much of my time is spent in this room so why not give this room a burst of flavour. Make your statement. This is where most of the entertaining takes place so why not place a striking huge purple or blue hydrangea for a floral explosion. If the conversation dwindles the gorgeous flowers might be the ice breaker. The big leaf hydrangea is a great choice for indoors. Enjoy the flowers while you can as they bring a beautiful happy springtime feel, to your home. 


Keep it simple in the bathroom by placing a vase of one of the most attractive and loved flowers because of their peculiar shape and variety of colours. The tulip...blooming at the beginning of Spring, they are one of the first to bloom along with daffodils and other flowers. They also symbolize a new beginning and if you are anything like me I look forward to the freshness and warmth the Spring has to offer. Enjoy this precious flower in a pretty vase by the sink and bring the outdoors in with renewed hope for the new bright season just around the corner.


My pick for the bedroom flower would be the peony. I love these soft ,fluffy and elegant beauties with lush green foliage. I just can't get enough of their fragrant romantic blooms of many colours. A beautiful choice to liven up the bedroom with a rainbow of colours from pale yellow, pink to red.

Enjoy the rest of the winter with a few pick me ups of fresh cut flowers or plants sure to lift your spirits from the winter doldrums. Remember Spring is just around the corner!