Olympics Day 5


  A realization came to mind of what makes us truly Canadian! As a young child my parents immigrated to Canada.  I have always considered myself to truly be a Canadian and hold my Canadian passport proudly.  Yes, that realization is compounded once again from witnessing the wonderful sportsmanship we saw yesterday with the Canadian coach running out to help the fallen Russian. His desire was that the skier could finish the race in front of his countrymen.  I was welled with emotion. This act of kindness makes us all immensely proud of our country men.  Maybe it's when I hear the anthem been sung once again when the athletes receive their gold medals or is it looking outside seeing the glistening snow and realizing we live in this wonderful country. A country where we are free to live out our dreams, choose our religion, a land of opportunity, just reach out and take it.

  I realized this morning as I turned the tv on at 7:30am that I am truly Canadian.  The Canada/ USA women's hockey game was about to start.  I have enjoyed watching all the games and applauding the winners of all countries because surely the Olympics are about showcasing the best in the world. This was not the case this morning. In fact the emotions I felt were not warm and fuzzy at all!  The two teams didn’t exchange flags like customary. They didn’t shake hands just a quick fist pump.  I really didn’t care at all.  I just wanted the game to begin and Canada TAKE THEM DOWN!  I really do believe you have to be a Canadian to understand. We can handle defeat from any other hockey team in the world except for the USA.  The rivalry has been long stemmed and it shows in the speed of the game, the elevated aggressiveness and we are all on the edge of our seats (even though both teams are moving on to the semi-finals) Now, before you think I am anti USA, absolutely not. I think the USA is a great country, I have wonderful friends there, but at game time ………….. All I can say is I am a Canadian, I love hockey and go Canada go!

Its official CANADA has defeated U.S.A in the women's hockey with a score 3 to 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!