The Reason Behind the Trees

" Your Greatness is not what you have, its what you Give." 

Year after year, our Christmas Trees bring joy. We love the fresh smell, the spirit they bring and especially watching families come year after year to pick out just the perfect one. Our trees are not only a way to share in the holiday season, but a way for us to give back. Our trees are for Hospice.

Hospice is a place that holds a special spot in our hearts, a place that deserves so much as they truly give over and beyond. Marja, the founder and owner of The Watering Can, spent her final days receiving care and love at Hospice Niagara. The family was overwhelmed with the comfort and care they experienced while she was there. The Watering Can remains a family run business and it is with great joy and honour that 100% of proceeds are donated directly to Hospice Niagara and McNally House. The thought that more families can be touched by the angels working within those walls makes it all worth it. We have been selling the trees and donating for years and have been able to raise thousands with your help. We ask that this Christmas you help us pay it forward and purchase your tree at our Vineland location. We promise to hold a high standard to quality and customer service and thank you for helping us support Hospice so that others can receive the best care in the worst of times.  

" Its not whats under the tree that matters, but who's around it" 

- Charlie Brown Christmas