Your Event, Your Way

So you’ve made the decision to throw a party. Whether it be an anniversary, engagement, shower or holiday, no event is complete without the slight added touch of some fresh flowers. For some it may be the most important thing on their list while for others it remains forgotten until hours before. The task of adding flowers should always be a simple one. Therefore, we have  put together a list of details to consider when adding them to your event.

1- Choose your theme and desired colours.  This is important, as many flowers do not always come in all colours and certain types of flowers are only available seasonally.

2- Consider the room. Where the party is being hosted has a lot to do with your flowers. A few things to think about may be how low the celling is or how many colours are already in the room. You do not want to overwhelm the room or make it feel more cramped or stuffy, with too many or too large of bouquets. The same rule applies for a larger outdoor party or a bigger but simplistic  room, you do not want your flowers to get lost or be to understated. Include larger or a collection of floral arrangements.

3- Are you giving the flowers away? This will help in deciding whether you can save money by renting vases or by changing the style to fit a budget that allows you to give away your containers.

4-Think beyond the decorated tables. The bathrooms, bar, gift table and other areas around your event are often forgotten or plain. Add a smaller version arrangement or even a single flower piece can help tie in those surrounding areas for an all around finished touch.

Our staff is always eager to help. You may have a natural flare and prefer to do it yourself or it may be that floral arranging is just not your fancy. Whatever the situation, we will help in whatever way we can. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Bring them along as this will give us clearer idea of exactly what your looking for. It is our promise to make sure leave with the satisfaction that your event will be complete, with the flowers complimenting your style and budget. - Happy Planning!