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We designed this program to give you control! We understand that not everyone requires flowers at the same time. Tell us when you require flowers, and we will ensure that they are received when you want them. We also know that flowers are a very personal choice, maybe you are looking for a planter, possibly a fresh bouquet, or maybe you want to get funky with a euro? Whatever you may be feeling, we want to make sure you get it! With a Floral Post subscription, you have all the control. Simply tell us when, where and what, and we will handle the rest.


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Let us remember when you need flowers the most.

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Never forget the important dates again, knowing that we have you covered.

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Step 3 - Pick Your Flowers

Receive reminders about your important date, and select the right flowers to match the occasion.

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How you can use The Floral Post to show you care:

  • Send "Happy Birthday" wishes
  • Say "I love you" on Valentine's Day
  • Spoil a mom on Mother's Day
  • Never forget an anniversary
  • Give as a wedding gift
  • Send as a house warming present
  • Brighten up a day during the cold winter months
  • Commemorate a loved one during a time of loss
  • To recognize the work of leaders or volunteers in your community
  • Thank a teacher for their work
  • Let someone know you're thinking of them "just because"
  • And of course, to treat yourself!



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Floral selection, additional options, and recipient/delivery address are selected up to, two weeks prior to delivery date. Delivery fees are included in the initial purchase price!